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How to Jump Start a Donkey?

4 Responses to “How 2 Jump Start a Donkey?”

  1. hello there, I’m an old friend of Dan Gorman (of the Forest, Edinburgh) and I am in Ghana for a couple of weeks – until June 11. Just wandering about and wondering if you are about. Be nice to meet up if you fancy a visitor. My Ghanaian number is…shit i can,t find it! email at [email protected],
    Take it easy, ben


  2. yeah yeah mi be skuul buoy of CTK ND mi feel ur.Peace 1


  3. Ntzu,
    U are a true rastaman.I feel u so much.greetins 2 kobby en daisy[the witch].
    July 3rd,2007


  4. Hi selektor,
    we are Meeting @ the hush hush studio this night.we have 2 finish dat trak cause am travelling 2 los angeles with ma pop.Love ya.