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Welcome to the website for Ntzu Kpongg and his Dzata band.

Ntzu and Gasco’s band

The music video for God’s Creation is now online.

Watch it here now!

12 Responses to “Akwaaba!”

  1. Wow!
    That video is just so cool!
    Makes me feel like I am realy there in Ghana!
    Well done everybody!


  2. well, sitting in my Aegean balcony 40 km out of Athens Greece, I just felt like being teleported to Ghana instantly by watching this clip. Well done ! Good song, a bit too long, but the image and ESPECIALLY the cut is really good
    very rhythmic, bravo


  3. The clip is just fantastic,keep it up.Am wanting to see the up coming movie.Good luck.


  4. Anyone who sees this clip, should think of nothing else but support.


  5. Beautiful
    So inspiring
    Thank you
    Thank you


  6. Your lyriks about Gods kreation is very challenging!please give us some more.jah bless


  7. Akwaba! Ntzu Pong , I send you love and blessings from Edinburgh .

    Accidental crew – I know it’s been hard work and i looks great. The trailer loks fab. too. Well done !


    Chandra Mather

  8. Ilove the Clip from Esther’s Bro


  9. Whats up,it been long since I heard from u.Hope to see u soon.


  10. Love the music very nice .keep the music coming Thank you.

    Tina Handley

  11. ALLRIGHTEY my brother, hope you are in a good place with good people, singing and dancing and enjoying life, things are good with me, I am solo as a singing ukelele player and poet, still drawing, making and growing things, take good care of yourself peace and love be with you, L


  12. Great video dad hope to see you soon over in Accra Lots and Lots of Love Kaya XXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx