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How to make matches in GH..

Friday, August 9th, 2013

If i be president i go think about job creation,because before then Ghana get factories both government and private ones.. President for create more jobs and import less, so me and my work ministers and foreign affairs ministers go sit down and plan how to stop buying Tin Tomatoes from Italy, by increasing tomatoe farming […]

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Say ,batubatunga to mama to papa kayathe mame Zorro ah oh James brownkaka tsopha shukushamenwelcome to the GoldCoast bulletinmay i proudly present an AD please,The Ghana Walking Barbers Kpeay Have donated 10million Ghanaian Cedis To be held in trust for the 3 universityStudents from kumasi who have shown themPrototypes of the rechargerble Clipper,This new product […]

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